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How Does It Works?

Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works

First of all, we choose seeds from reliable seed companies, that are committed to only supplies of clean, disease-free and Non-GMO seeds.

Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works

To ensure a clean environment for plant growth, everyone who enters the plant factory must wear a special attire that includes  gloves, surgical masks and laboratory suits to avoid introducing contaminants into the factory.

Rather than growing far from the communities, we choose to build our plant factories in the city. This way, consumers are able to taste the freshness of the greens that have been harvested on the same day.

Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works

Plants are grown indoor without soil. Roots are submerged in the nutrient solution provided by us, that allow the plant to uptake its food with minimal effort. The same nutrients you can find in the high quality soil. However, no excessive heavy metals will be absorbed by plants in plant factory.

Controlled cultivation conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and culture solution can be manipulate for optimum plant growth.

Plants are grown in stacks in our controlled indoor environment. The ideal conditions in the plant factory enable the growing season lasts an astounding 365 days a year.

There is no worry about water shortage during drought season or too much rainfall during the rainy season. Plants can sit happily in the plant factory no matter what the weather condition is.

Supplies of fresh produce will not be affected too.

Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works
Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works

Harvesting in plant factory is performed far more frequent and consistent. Ensuring the taste of freshness from the greens which packed in style, without the taste of soil.

Vegetory Plant Factory How It Works

Everything we eat today determines how our health would be in the future!

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