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Vegetory The First In-Store Farm in Malaysia



Vegetory, the Malaysian-based company that has developed the Plant Factory Indoor Farming system. This Farm is growing from seeds in a controlled indoor environment, providing the exact amount of light, air and nutrients recipe for the plants’ optimum growth, and nothing else. Keeping the original taste and flavour to the consumer.

Founded in 2016 by Roy, with the Plant Factory Indoor Farming (P-F-I-F) System set up in the most developed state in Malaysia. This platform are not only growing but are supplying and distributing for restaurants and cafes since 2017. In mid of year 2020, Vegetory has developed its Modular Farm System for grocery stores. With its modular farms, it can be placed in a variety of customer-facing city locations, such as grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and schools, enabling the end-customer to pick the produce themselves.

This Modular (P-F-I-F) System is designed in a way that is definitely scalable, according to needs and demands. It is not just a concept, it is real and come to live in Malaysia.

Vegetory was founded with an ambitious vision to feed the cities by bringing the farm close to the consumer. Back in 2018, while many are conversing about the potential of our approach to grow in-store. We couldn’t have imagined that 2 years later, in 2020 we would have the first in-store farm in Malaysia partnership with the ultra premium store at BSC.

This transparent and modular approach would grow, as we are. We did not foresee a global pandemic to urge the building of new safe food system, high quality and tasteful food to the society, but now, our mission is more relevant than ever before. This is just the beginning you see today with Vegetory.


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