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The Lifestyle Brand

Established by two founders with background in science and technology.


Since ancient times, only farmers can taste the freshest crops. Farmers used to harvest in the early morning, so they could enjoy fresh and nutritious crops on the same day.


This is a sense of life that urban people cannot feel. Due to the development of today's society, daily necessities can be shipped to consumers from far away. Similarly, pesticide problems and processing may cause crops to lose their original nutrition.

Technology Modern Farm

Built In The Major Cities

Our mission is sustainable development, research and development, and the use of advanced technology to provide fresh and nutritious crops to people around us, and to promote the good taste of life. 


Emphasize food safety and produce fresh crops with stable quality. We believe that only a pure and harmless friendly environment can have a safe and worry-free production quality, so that people in the city can also taste the new birth of the farm. This is our persistence.

Taste the Birth of the Farm

Feel the Love from the Farm

Enjoying nutritious and fresh vegetables in the city is no longer just a dream. Build a modern farm, adhere to the platform of real cooking, from activating concepts to your experience. So that people can prepare table dishes like experts, and enjoy fresh and nutritious crops like farmers.

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