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Sustainable Farming

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In recent years, there have been increasing concerns regarding food shortage due to the growth of global population, climate change and economic factors. At the same time, there are increasing numbers of consumers have raised their demands for reliable high quality food.

Under these circumstances, we believe the development of a system that are able to  produce high quality and nutritious food in a stable way, is a way of addressing the issues related.

We believe Plant Factory is the Answer.

Reaching New Heights
Friendly Environment to Protect our ENVIRONMENT

We care about our planet and It’s the only one we’ve got. That’s why we created a friendly environment for the crops to grow. Water is recycled using virtually every single drop to increase water efficiency up to 95%. Nutrients stay-put to conserve the natural resources and improve environmental well-being.

What if we could grow 10 acres of production in 1 acre of land

We grow more on less land to reduce geographic footprint, thus saving the environment by reducing land fills. Non-use of pesticides to reduce harm to the environmental land. 

We build the farm in the major cities. Provide fresh and nutritious crops to people around us, reduce food mileage, reduce air pollution thus increase food security and food safety.

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Cultivating A Greater ECONOMY

Our produce is always in season and we can grow in 365 days. We harvest more, less waste, increasing the local productions to achieve locally self-sufficiency. Despite relying on import activities thus reducing the costs. Growing locally using advanced technology creates job opportunities in the city to every level of people from non-technical to professionals. Using data , monitored at every stage, controlled, to create higher yields than ever before which gives the economy a boost of immunity.

Raising the SOCIAL Responsibility

We made it through raising positive social changes as well. We create local indoor farm in the major cities. It can exist in anywhere, short distance away from where people live and shop. This means we can deliver fresh within days, guarantee your food arrives just as fresh as they are harvested, compared to traditionally where we often compromise the losing of nutrients and flavour.  Controlling the entire process, without sacrificing quality, we emphasize on food safety and food security. We’re addressing some of the biggest problems in our food systems today.

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