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Every delivery contains 10 pkts ready cut premium vegetables + 4 box Cherry Tomatoes 


2x Wasabi Mix 70g

2x Spicy Mix 70g

2x Superfood Mix 70g

2x Hydrator Lettuce Mix 70g

2x All Star Mix 70g

   (10 pkts ready cut premium vegetables)

4x Cherry Tomatoes 250g



Deliver 4 times, A total of 40 pkts ready cut premium vegetables, 16 cups of Cherry Tomatoes.

This entire delivery schedule completed within 2 (two) months.


Delivery from Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday and Monday no delivery.



Long Term Subscription Discount Plan! 

Original Price RM481.60, Special Price Now RM403.55 .



Monthly Delight Meal【Delivery weekly / biweekly】

RM481.60 Regular Price
RM403.55Sale Price
  • Keep Refrigerated at 4-7 degree C.

    Please refrigerate as soon as possible after purchase.

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