How Does Salad Being "Triple Washed"?

How Does Salad Being “Triple Washed” ?

Long gone are the days where food delivery service applies only to fast food. As Malaysian citizens are more conscious of healthy diet day by day, there are many healthy food deliveries available especially within the Klang Valley. Eating healthily is way easier than before but the question is – do the raw ingredients used for the preparation of healthy diet are truly healthy?

Speaking of healthy eating or clean eating, a word will come into our mind – salad. In fact, salad is not the main representative of healthy eating but undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular food in healthy diet, which is why people will think of salad first when they heard healthy eating.

A variety of salads with various combinations of meat, veggies, fruits and dressings are available today. Some people prefer making their own salad while some prefer buying ready-to-eat salads especially during those busy times.