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Feeding the Community : How Can You Help

As this COVID-19 outbreak evolve, it’s so clear that lifting up our neighbours are more important than ever before. We acknowledge the economic fallout and the immobility that imposed by this pandemic has seriously impact our families and individuals across the country.

As a food production company, we are committed, to provide fresh produce to our local nonprofit organisation, Food Aid Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, to turn into ready-to-eat food and distribute to those that need most.

Read more about these organisation, and learn how you too can help them to continuously distribute foods to the needed people.

Food Aid Foundation

Food Aid Foundation, is run by a passionate team. They are a Food Bank. They assure you that the food reaches those in need and stress on safety and professionalism in handling the food donated.

Global Hunger could double due to Covid-19 blow. Their primary objective is to end hunger. As Vegetory continues to support this team week over week, we hope you, too, can lend a hand to the team during the COVID-19 crisis, too.



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